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MAB – Grievance Guide

Dear Member

Please consider the following if you have received notification that the university will deduct your pay for participating in the MAB.

UCU UWE recommends that once your payslip shows a deduction in salary, you submit an individual stage 2 grievance as the blanket 50% deduction is not proportionate. The employer’s reaction to an employee’s past performance of their employment contract must be proportional. For this to happen, there should be an individual assessment of the impact caused by someone’s part performance and regard to their circumstance’s justification and explanation for any deduction.

Next steps.

  • Please see the attached the  partial decuction template. Could you fill in the brackets with the relevant information? Whilst the cover letter should be brief, please amend the template to your circumstances.
  • Please complete the Grievance Form. You should submit as an individual grievance for each member to include their specific circumstances and concerns; however, we suggest you include the following are included.
  • That the 50% deduction for 20 days is not proportionate in your particular circumstances (and why), a request to explain how the university has calculated this figure.
  • There may be other points to consider, such as having a part-time contract, leave sick leave, maternity leave, reasonable adjustments, etc.
  • The policy has not been assessed regarding EDI. Please include any issues that affect you.

Once you have completed the cover letter and grievance form, you should email them to your Head of College (Elena Marco, Yvonne Beach, or Marc Griffiths, HR and copy ucu@uwe.ac.uk

UCU UWE will support members who submit a grievance.


Chris Mason, UCU UWE Vice-Chair

Addition Advice from UCU Regional Office 30 June 23  Grievances and Legal Claims

Resit Period Briefing Note 7 July 2023

Branch Response 7 July 2023